Marilyn Uytiepo Timmons

Sept 26 2013 – Family of Marilyn Uytiepo Timmons to donate $12,000 to continue to fund medical research for Ebsteins Anomaly.
Marilyn U Timmons
August 29, 1947- September 2, 1992

My mother was born shortly after WWII was over in the Philippines and prenatal care and famine was quite rampant. Medical care was limited to ailments and preventative check-ups and treatment was rare. My parents met in the Philippines while my Grandparents and father were in the Peace Corps. After they married they moved to the US. My mother was diagnosed with Ebstein’s Anomaly at the age of 26 during a prenatal check-up while pregnant with me. She went on to live a beautiful life with my dad and had 2 children (myself and my sister Jennifer). She loved with her whole heart and was the most generous person on the planet. She never let her condition hold her back and dreamed of one day riding a roller coaster. She was on numerous medications her whole life and was careful not to exert herself too much. In August 1992 she had open heart surgery to repair her heart and unfortunately she passed away a few days after her surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN at the age of 45.

Although no longer with us physically we feel her everyday in spirit and know she’s with us always. It is our family’s intention to make the donation of $12,000 in her honor to assist with research to improve the lives of those who suffer from this heart defect. She would be happy to know that she can still help others even after she is gone.

Written by,
Bryna Timmons-Majdi, Jennifer Timmons-Svacina, Gary E. Timmons and The George Timmons Family Giving (Bess Spiva Timmons Foundation)

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Did You Know?
Congenital heart defects are America’s and every country’s #1 birth defect.